Three Tips To Get Your Coffee Date Go Great

Coffee dates are contemporary and cliché, but tell me what’s a better way to have an easy going conversation than in a local cafe down the street, brown hats bobbing up and down dancing to the light music in the rustic aura? Whether it’s your first date and you’re all jittery and nervous or it’s your third one and you just want it to be better than the previous, don’t worry, a few tips listed below will help you make sure this one doesn’t turn into a disaster and instead you and date have an absolutely amazing time truly enjoying the date.


This is vitally important to set an atmosphere that calls for sparks and light hearted conversations and sets the vibe for relaxation. I mean you could choose any place, from your local cafe run by a sweet old lady who’s one of the coffee bean suppliers Brisbane to a mainstream shop that’s rarely visited and but you’ve got a choice, make sure to settle on one that promises a good time. It doesn’t have to be expensive and sophisticated, and in fact it should be convenient, fun and simple. So go for quirky new place that’s quiet and colorful, that but also at the same not extremely silent making it awkward.


Remember it’s not about being good looking. It’s about making the most out of your looks. The key again is to remain simple, if the suns out and the weather is all warm and cheery go for something light, but if it’s cold and cozy go for a few layers. You haven’t made it to a candlelit dinner yet and it’s only a coffee date where you’re going to some cookies and croissants and converse over the most random things so work on what color suits best for you, wear something casual like you’re going buy coffee beans, just neater and ironed, and most important don’t forget to wear a charming smile.


Ah, this is the department you’re probably dreading if you’re not a person for small talks and would rather hide in a rat hole than socialize or engage in a conversation. But let me tell you making a conversation, and that too a good one doesn’t your partner and make them feel like they be anyway but before you is easy as much as it’s important. And that is very. You’ve just got to pretend it’s your best friend or your sibling, and start talking comfortably, joking and teasing a little bit. Just make you don’t drive your conversation into something about how good you are or how much you’re getting paid.