Food Is A Basic Necessity

Food is a basic necessity not for only human but all the living things. Humans, animals, plant and all the living things cannot live without the food. Food is one of the basic necessity to survive in the world it is not always about fancy food sometimes you just need it for survival. If we talk about the human we need all the mineral, protein and nutrition which make our body energetic. Who doesn’t love food? Everyone love food and food is one of the reasons why people earning money.

Animals, they cannot also live without food even though they are not like a human but they search their food on the street or in the jungle. For example, if you own a pet you give him food on time and if you don’t give them food they become cranky just like human so they also need food to survive but these animals which we know are lucky than the street animals because you take are there to take care of them and feed them whenever they want but do you ever think about them who are on the street or on the jungle how they are surviving and how they manage to eat food.

Some people cannot even afford food and for them, many orphanages give them shelter to live and feed them food for surviving in the world. For example, there is a girl whose parents died in the accident, they are living in the rented house and there is nothing left behind for the girl even they have limited saving which she spent now what she will do? How she managed to get food? Some orphanages look after such kids and give place to them and provide all the necessities.

There are many types of food and each food belongs to each culture like French food, Italian food, and Indian food and so on. Every person has different choice some people like Italian food even they belong to the opposite culture we as a human are good in adopting the culture.

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